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Product Range

Our range of products consists of Copper Flexibles, Braids, Flexible Connectors, in Bare, Tin, Silver Plated catering to Electrical, Electronics, Automobile and Allied industries.

  1. Round Stranded Copper Flexible Cables
  2. Round Stranded Copper Flexible Cables (Braid Covered)
  3. Braided Copper Tapes (Flat)
  4. Tubular Braids (Round)
  5. Square Braids
  6. Flexible Woven Cables (Flat)
  7. Earthing Connectors
  8. Pre-Welded Components
  9. Flexible Round Stranded Copper Connectors
  10. Flexible Braided Copper Connectors
  11. Bus Bar Assemblies
  12. Air Cooled Cables
  13. Water Cooled Cables